• *boyfriend comes to visit*
  • Boyfriend: Oh, I forgot to ask - how are you coping with no Once Upon a Time this week?
  • Me:
  • Boyfriend:
  • Me:
  • Boyfriend: Why are you looking at me that way? I thought I should check up on you, I know you're obsessed with it. And Hook and Emma banging and having babies.
  • Boyfriend: Wait, did I make a big mistake bringing this up?
  • Boyfriend: Did I?
  • Boyfriend:
  • Me:
  • Boyfriend:
  • Me: *pterodactyl sound*
  • *proceeds to cry on his lap*
  • *then cheers up telling him about CSSS and watching Colin's hot ass on Storage 24 via tinychat*
  • Boyfriend: Oh well that doesn't sound so bad does it? How long til it comes back then*
  1. swanstan said: LOL I love the boyfriends of this fandom.
  2. carmi-believes-in-love said: Aw, boyfriend is cute, LOL. *Por cierto, te llamas Rocío? Me encanta ese nombre, es hermoso! Y muy adecuado supongo ya que eres andaluza. Te llamaré Rocío de ahora en adelante =D*
  3. thespiritsoftheage said: *sobs* I WANT ONE WHERE DID YOU GET YOURS
  4. bellamyfraserjones said: Awwwww
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