Even if you’re unhappy, just pretend that you’re happy. Eventually, your smile will be contagious to yourself. I had to learn that. I used to think, ‘I’m being fake,’ but you know what? Better to be fake and happy than real and miserable.

LOST scenery per episode 
1x01 - Pilot (part 1)

i ’ l l   b e   r i g h t   h e r e

absence, hear thou my protestation
Against thy strength, Distance and length
Do what thou canst for alteration
For hearts of truest mettle
Absence doth join and Time doth settle.

But darling, I love you, blood and all.


Charming: I know this is a lot to take in for all of us
Snow: And we don’t wanna push… but we’ve waited for this moment for so long-
Emma: Yeah, so have I! I’ve thought about this moment my entire life. I’ve imagined who you might be. But of all the scenarios I’ve concocted, my parents being… I just need a little time, that’s all. 


there’s a first time for everything

when people try to speak on the behalf of entire fandomsimage


I’m gonna come out of nowhere and ask you to play make-John-Green-find-the-thing.

My sister Faye is 12 years old and her and her friends had a week to obsess over The Fault In Our Stars adaption before one of them, Rachel, was diagnosed with bone cancer in her leg. She’d been poorly for awhile but doctors brushed it off as an active imagination; within weeks of finding it it’s spread to her lungs and she’ll be lucky to see in another Christmas.

My sister is now trying to get hold of John Green as a missive from him would mean everything to Rachel at this point. She’s set up a small industry emailing anyone she can find but I know he’s active on here so I though I’d give that a go, as well. I can’t even imagine what she’s going through, hell I can’t even imagine what my sister’s going through, but I know they’d all be struggling a hell of a lot more if there hadn’t been that story. All they want is a chance to say thank you.

Today’s September 16th and Rachel’s getting weaker by the day and spends a lot of her time sleeping, so I don’t know how long we have. All I can do is beg you - please, please help John Green find the thing.

ladies all across the world // representing all the women // salute, salute!

So, you’ll help me then?
I will help her.